Tips for Choosing a TEFL Provider


Any internet search will provide many varying views on what constitutes a quality TEFL course .  Here are a few tips to ask to help you choose wisely.


Here are four good questions to ask about the TEFL Provider:

  • How does the company help you find jobs?
  • Does the TEFL Course meet international requirements?
  • Is the TEFL Course accredited?
    • Is the accrediting body independent of the TEFL provider?
    • How many schools does the accrediting body support?
  • How many years has the company been in operation?


Five Useful tips for choosing a TEFL Certification:

  • Be sure that the certification meets minimum international requirements
    • potential employers will check on your TEFL Certification.
  • There is no single international accrediting body for TEFL/TESOL Courses, so be sure ask about the accreditation!
    • Find out more about our online TEFL Course accreditation here
  • Potential employers prefer to hire teachers with higher qualifications
  • Be prepared to talk with your personal TEFL Adviser about how the company will help you find employment
  • Ask for Alumni testimonials


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