Alexandria, Egypt


Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 B.C. and later ruled by Cleopatra, Alexandria once rivaled Athens as an ancient center of culture and learning. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it was in the perfect location for the intermingling of knowledge. It was also the site of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, which was the tallest man-made structure on earth. After declining into a small fishing village due to devastating foreign invasions, Alexandria has prospered over the past century in hopes of achieving its unforgotten splendor. Today’s Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and had grown into the cultural hub that it once was. Tourists flock to the city for its revitalized atmosphere and gorgeous beaches.

Your course fees also include pre-planned excursion:

  • Excursion to Cairo to see the Pyramids, Sphinx, the Pharaonic monuments and the Egyptian museum.

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Course Location

The training center is located in Stanly area in Alexandria’s city center. The accommodation is located at Bianky, a beach resort area 20 kilometers to the west of Alexandria’s city center. Free transportation is provided between school and campus on school days during school hours. Our campus is located 200 meters away from Paradise Beach. You will enjoy the laid back green surroundings with easy access to Paradise private beach most of the year.

Course Fees

$1,590 (excluding accommodations) $1,690 (including accommodations)

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Accommodation in Alexandria consists of a private bedroom located in a shared apartment. Each apartment has a furnished sitting room, a bathroom with hot water and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a cooker, and cooking utensils. All apartments are clean, comfortable and adequately furnished.

They are located within easy access to various restaurants and entertainment sites. Bedding and towels are not included. Free cleaning services are available once a week upon request.

Course Dates 


  • 26 January - 20 February
  • 23 February - 20 March
  • 23 March - 17 April
  • 18 May - 12 June
  • 15 June - 10 July
  • 13 July - 14 August
  • 17 August - 11 September
  • 21 September - 23 October
  • 26 October - 20 November
  • 23 November - 18 December

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