Crete, Greece


Snow-capped mountains on the horizon, throngs of yellow wildflowers, an evocative, crumbling Venetian harbor, and seemingly endless stretches of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever set foot upon.  Welcome to Hania, Crete, or as those who’ve visited like to think of it: paradise.

With its winding cobblestone alleyways filled with hidden tavernas and cafes, leather shops, and lemon trees, it is impossible not to be charmed by this beautiful city’s sights, sounds, and flavors. 

Easily and affordably accessible from Athens by plane or ferryboat, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands.   With abundant year-round sunshine, Hania (the island’s second largest city and former capital) makes an ideal setting for earning your TEFL certification.  With a new Greek government in place and a determined eagerness to move forward, Greece is currently a terrific destination for English teachers abroad.  Young Greeks are making more of an effort than ever to learn English, and with thousands of frontistirio (private language schools) throughout the country (and more opening each year), there are many opportunities for TEFL certified teachers to find quality employment. 

Inquire today to learn more about the TEFL school in Hania and teaching opportunities in Greece!

Course Location

The course center in Crete is situated in the center of Hania, Crete’s second city (and former capital) on the Northwest coast. Hania is a beautiful old Cretan town with a population of around 60,000. The old town center is clustered around the 14th century Venetian harbor where much of the city’s life and light is to be found. The town is large enough to offer a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a ready range of nightlife and places to see, but small enough that it’s normally easy to get around on foot – whether from the school to your apartment or from the local bar down to the nearest beach.

Course Fees

$500 deposit + €1050 due upon arrival (all-inclusive package)


We offer fully furnished apartments with kitchenettes for your stay during the course. The apartments have a sea view and are located just 100 metres from a beautiful beach. Accommodation is normally available from the Sunday before the start until the Saturday after the completion of your TEFL course. If you are arriving earlier than this or wish to stay longer, please just let us know and this can normally be arranged for a small extra fee of 10 euros per night.

We can normally arrange either private or shared accommodation. Please specify your preference on your application; every attempt will be made to honour your request, but places are allotted on a first-come, firstserved basis. If you elect to live in a shared-bedroom apartment, you will always be matched with a roommate of the same gender, and usually of a similar age to yourself. Smoking preferences are taken into account as much as possible.

If you are attending the course with a friend or partner and wish to share accommodation, just let us know in advance and it can be arranged.

Please note that during the summer months of July, August and September, when demand for beachfront accommodation is at its height, it’s important to book early to reserve your room and a spot on the course!

Course Dates


  • May 5 - 30, 2014
  • June 9 - July 4, 2014
  • July 7 - August 1, 2014
  • Aug 11 - Sep 5, 2014
  • Sep 15 - Oct 10, 2014