Paris, France


Learn how to Speak French before your TEFL Certification Course to optimize your international job options!

Easily one of the most beloved European destinations, Paris is one of the most populated metropolitan centers in Europe.    Strategically situated upon the winding banks of the Seine River in northern France, Paris – also known as the City of Lights – Paris has historical roots extending to pre-Roman times.  First settled by the Celtic Parisii around 6,000 years ago, Paris has changed hands many times.  It has seen the upheaval of many wars and the tumult of multiple paradigm shifts and has emerged as one of the top three most influential cities in our modern world.

There are roughly 42 million tourists that visit Paris every year, providing a bustling modern metropolitan environment for aspiring English teachers.  The strong infusion of international trade and deeply-rooted culture provide for a truly remarkable experience!  You will be confronted with many new faces each day and even more networking opportunities to help you get a job teaching English abroad in Paris, or elsewhere in the world.

It is easy to walk down the street and strike up a conversation with a local at one of the many cafes after you have taken either 2 or 4 weeks of French language immersion in conjunction with your TEFL Certification course.  As a matter of fact, our Alumni continually remind us how thankful they are to have been prepared to speak French, we often hear how it is the differentiating factor between prospective English teachers.

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Course Fees

Enrollment Deposit: $500 USD

Remaining Balance: 1200 *Discounted balance of 900 € for our January and February courses!


We have three accommodation options-

  • Homestay – Starts at 560 € per month
  • Private Student Residence – 800 € per month
  • Shared Student House – Starts at 390 € per month
  • Hotel or Hostel - Starting at 22 € per night

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Course Dates



  • 6 January - 31 January
  • 3 February - 28 February
  • 3 March - 28 March
  • 31 March - 25 April
  • 5 May - 30 May
  • 2 June - 27 June
  • 30 June - 25 July
  • 4 August - 29 August
  • 1 September - 26 September
  • 29 September - 24 October
  • 27 October - 21 November
  • 24 November - 19 December