About Us

As the TEFL marketplace continues to grow exponentially every year, it’s becoming more and more challenging to sort through all of the information (and, at times, misinformation) that exists out there on the worldwide web. 

Clarity and expertise are why so many people choose TEFL Experiences as their TEFL course provider.

Having been in the industry for over ten years, our organization only employs TEFL certified program consultants – individuals who have been in your shoes, taken a TEFL course, and taught English abroad.  We vividly remember what it feels like to be on the outside of TEFL looking in, and we want to help customize your TEFL experience to meet your expectations. 

In other words:
Tell us where you want to teach, and we will show you how to make it happen!

Furthermore, we are the experts in our field.  We know everything there is to know about hiring seasons, teaching contracts, typical salaries, visas, and interview procedures.  Plus, because your program consultant is a veteran ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, he or she can tell you exactly what to expect from your life teaching English abroad.

Honesty and transparency are cornerstones of our business model.  We don’t want to give you any false expectations or misconceptions.  Because our program consultants have experienced teaching English overseas, they can tell you about the good, the bad, and everything in between.  If you’re thinking about teaching English as a foreign language, but are feeling unsure about what the experience entails or how to get started, you owe it to yourself to speak to one of our program consultants today!


A division of Global Experiences

TEFL Experiences is a division of Global Experiences, the world's leading provider of high quality customized international internship programs abroad. We have 12+ years experience in jump-starting your overseas adventure!