What's involved in getting TEFL/TESOL Certified Online?


One of the biggest advantages to the online course is that you have access to the coursework 24 hours a day.  Within the course, students will find comprehensive methodologies for Teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as insight on second language acquisition.  You will interact with your professor on every assignment, who will provide guidance on the subjects being covered to the entire class. 

Class sizes are limited to 20 students to ensure maximum professor/student correspondence.  Small class sizes also instill a sense of camaraderie amongst the students and open up more opportunities for class interaction and discussion.  Students must complete all assignments, essays, quizzes, and tests to pass the TEFL course. 

In addition to the work listed above, students must also provide peer-to-peer feedback on every assignment.  Peer-to-peer feedback allows students to learn from each other, and also offers an opportunity to encourage their fellow students when they feel they have presented a good idea.  Each student completes an assignment with a different creative vision, and by engaging in peer-to-peer feedback, students can acquire a much broader perspective on each subject. 

TEFL/TESOL Course Components

The Online course is comprised of 3 main components that ensure the student’s success as a professional English language teacher.  Teaching Methodology, Language Acquisition, and Student Teaching (Practicum).

1)  Teaching Methodology:

These are the skills that are essential to each teacher, and include:

  • Classroom management
  • Personality and language assessments
  • Curriculum development
  • Lesson planning 

2) Language Acquisition

The components of language learning that will be covered include:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Phonetics and linguistic analogy are also thoroughly covered in the course.

3) Practicum:

20 hours of student teaching/observation/tutoring within a local ESL classroom

To successfully complete a TEFL/TESOL certification course, the International TEFL Academy requires that each student complete 20 hours of practicum.  These practicum hours allow each student to gain firsthand experience working with real ESL students, whether it is in an actual classroom setting, or by tutoring a non-native speaker privately. 

International TEFL Academy encourages our students to complete these hours while they are still enrolled in the course.   For these reasons, completing the practicum hours during the course allows the student to immediately practice what they are learning in the online class.  We do, however, automatically allow an additional 30 days after the course is finished to complete the practicum hours.

Practicum Locations:

Opportunities to complete your practicum can typically be arranged in your community in these types of venues:

  • Community centers
  • Community colleges
  • Language schools
  • Faith based groups that offer ESL classes
  • Libraries 

Once the practicum hours have been completed, the student provides a detailed journal and time sheet to the Student Affairs Department.  After we have received the practicum documentation, along with notification of the completed coursework, you will be issued your TEFL/TESOL certificate via postal mail.  You will now be qualified to teach English to millions of students in thousands of schools worldwide; and with our lifetime job search guidance, you will be abroad in no time!   

TEFL/TESOL Class Overview

The online course is a fully interactive, collegiate level course, taught by a university level professor.  From day one, students will be fully engaged in discourse not only with your professor, but also with all of the other students in the course.  This interaction will remain constant throughout the duration of the course, and the instructor will offer you feedback on assignments and is always available to answer questions.

Through a series of assignments, readings, quizzes, tests, essays, and a final thematic unit, students will develop all the skills necessary to be a confident, well-resourced, professional teacher, whatever your background.


International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Class professors are of the highest caliber, with a graduate level degree or Ph D. in TESOL or a related field, international teaching experience.


Students who enroll in the online TEFL course come from all walks of life.  The age of a student can range from 17-77, and we have students from every continent on Earth (well, maybe not Antarctica).

Read our students' Online TEFL Class Testimonials and see why they chose our class, and learn about their experience in their 11-week course.

Online Virtual Classroom

The online course is conducted in a virtual online learning environment, hosted by Moodle.com, one of the worldwide leaders of online distance learning.  There is no software to download, and as long as you have an Internet connection, your entire course content is accessible.  The course itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate.  Students do not need to be a computer expert to take the course; they just need a very basic knowledge of web browsing. 

Class Content

The following is the content found within the International TEFL Academy online course:

  • Grammar pre-module
  • Basic principles of teaching
  • Grammar
  • Resources
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Error correction
  • Visual aids

Bonus TEFL Units:

  • Young Learners
  • Business Professionals


Each student must complete a series of assignments, quizzes, and tests based on the reading throughout the course. 

  1. Assignments: 
    The assignments focus on essays and creating lesson plans.  These are graded by your professor with feedback given for each assignment.
  2. Quizzes and Tests: 
    Each quiz and test will be multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and will need to be completed during a certain allotted amount of time.   Students will be able to pause and save quizzes and test at any point, and will have the ability to return to them at a later time.  Points are given for each question. 
  3. Midterm and final exams:  
    There is a midterm exam and a final class project.  During the last module of the course, students will need to complete a thematic unit.  The thematic unit is a week’s worth of lesson plans to simulate a real work environment as an English teacher.
  4. Non-graded assessments:  
    Each student is required to provide peer to peer feedback and assessment for at least 2 other students for every written assignment.  This is required for the class participation but it is not graded.


Each assignment, quiz, and test will be graded by the course instructor.  Students must finish with a 70% average in order to receive a TEFL/TESOL certificate. 

Certification Awarded

The award of the certificate is strictly for those who successfully complete all units/modules/assignments/quizzes/tests/etc.   Your TEFL/TESOL certification will include a listing of the total class hours and practicum hours along with our accreditations.  This will be mailed to your home.