Terms and Conditions

Online TEFL Course Terms and Conditions

Note: This Terms and Conditions document is required for all students to read, sign and submit to our office prior to starting class along with the registration documents.  Online students will not be allowed to start course without this document and class tutition payment accepted.  Students enrolled in our Onsite Course Locations will not be put in contact with our director in country until this document and registration document is completed and submitted.


1.   Course Start Date – the first day of your course

2.   Course End Date – the last day of your course

3.   International TEFL Course – an in-person TEFL/TESOL training course of 100 hours or more

4.   Job Search Guidance - advice provided to our students and graduates relating to their search for English teaching jobs abroad and preparations for interviewing and securing employment

5.   Online TEFL/TESOL Course –TEFL/TESOL training comprised of 150 hours of online coursework and 20 hours of student teaching, tutoring, observation or a combination thereof in the form of a TEFL Practicum

6.  TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

7.   TEFL Admissions Advisor - individual(s) employed by TEFL Experiences offering pre-enrollment support and guidance to Students

8.   TEFL/TESOL Certificate - the document indicating evidence of course completion by Student

9.   TEFL Instructor - the individual(s) or group teaching TEFL training courses

10. TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

11. Transfer Fee - the fee paid by a Student to transfer from one course to another

Administrative Fees

  • Course Transfer Fee(s) – When a Student is unable to complete his/her original course he/she can transfer to a course that begins at a later date.  A Student can transfer courses up to a maximum of two times.  The course transfer fee applies to both Online and Onsite TEFL Courses.
    • First Course Transfer Fee: $100.00 (non-refundable)
    • Second Course Transfer Fee: $200.00 (non-refundable) 

Online TEFL/TESOL Course

A.   DEFINITION – Online TEFL/TESOL training comprised of 150 hours of online coursework and 20 hours of TEFL Practicum.

B.   TEFL PRACTICUM - 20 hours of student teaching, tutoring, observation or a combination thereof. The TEFL Practicum must be completed by every Student enrolled in an online TEFL/TESOL Course to receive their TEFL/TESOL Certificate.

C.    BUSINESS ENGLISH AND YOUNG LEARNERS MODULES – 30 hours of additional TEFL/TESOL training not included in the standard 170-hour online TEFL course.  This is an optional add-on for any Student enrolled in the online TEFL/TESOL Course.

D.   ONLINE CLASS REFUND SCHEDULE – The following refund schedule applies to the original course start date, not any subsequent start dates.

 Student will receive:

1.    90% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled 31 days or more before the original course start date.

2.    50% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled between 8 and 30 days before the original course start date.

3.    25% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled between 1 and 7 days before the original course start date.

4.    0% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled on the original course start date or any date thereafter. 

All refunds will be issued to Student within 30 days from the date of acceptance of Students’ written notice of cancellation. 

E.  CANCELLATION POLICY - Student will receive a 100% refund when any course is cancelled. Refund will be paid to Student within 30 days after the cancellation notice has been issued. TEFL Experiences reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject an individual at any time prior to the Course Start Date, or to cancel the Course in which Student is scheduled to participate. In the unlikely event of such a cancellation, or if the Student has been rejected, the total amount paid to TEFL Experiences will be refunded. TEFL Experiences will not be responsible to Student for any other refund, costs, interest, liability or damages of any kind. These costs can be, but are not limited to flights, housing and travel arrangements made by Student.  

F.  TRANSFER POLICY – If you postpone the start date of your course with at least thirty (30) days written notice there is no penalty.  If you postpone your course within 29 days or less before your course start date you will be required to pay the non-refundable transfer fee.


DEFINITION: TEFL Experiences provides guidance to help Student find an English teaching job abroad only as an accommodation to its Students. We make no warranties, expressed and/or implied or otherwise, regarding your job search experience including, but not limited to, the quality or conditions of the Student’s employment and agreement with an ESL school or organization.

  • The Student recognizes that TEFL Experiences is not a job placement organization and only assists students and graduates through guidance and advice in finding English teaching jobs abroad.
  • Every enrollee receives job search guidance.  TEFL Experiences staff is available to assist in developing the student’s resume, preparing for an interview, and reviewing an employment contract.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the Student to obtain and accept an English teaching job abroad.


Student will participate in activities that may be outside of the United States. Student may be called upon to exercise great care for his or her own person and belongings. Student has informed himself or herself of the conditions in the countries and locations where Student will be during participation in a TEFL Experiences course and has also consulted with appropriate medical personnel and has determined that his or her health is adequate to participate safely in Student’s course. 

Student understands that TEFL Experiences is a training organization and recognizes that participation in any course is voluntary.

Student recognizes that TEFL Experiences does not assume any responsibility for injury, sickness, personal health, or death, loss or damage to property while Student participates in an TEFL Experiences course, including travel to, from and during the course. Student may encounter difficult conditions and may be subjected to hazards and risks, foreseen and unforeseen. These hazards and risks may cause or alleged to be caused by a variety of difficulties of travel or residing in locations away from the Student’s residence or by individuals either affiliated with or not affiliated with TEFL Experiences. 

Students taking courses outside of their home country are strongly advised to take travel and medical insurance. TEFL Experiences cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of personal belongings. TEFL Experiences strongly urges Student to purchase trip cancellation insurance.


  • Student is responsible for air tickets, transfers, visa fees, taxes, and other expenses associated with Student’s course.
  • Student may utilize any travel service they wish. Student agrees to indemnify and hold TEFL Experiences harmless for any and all losses associated with air travel, hotels, lodging, meals, transport, and airport taxes for the use of reporting to their course country as stated above.


Student acknowledges and agrees that TEFL Experiences may record Student’s likeness or comments before, during or after a course offered by TEFL Experiences. Student consents to the use of Student’s likeness (whether photographed, filmed, videotaped) and comments or any portion of such in any manner developed now or in the future.  Student’s likeness or comments can be used without limitation, in marketing and promotional materials, advertising for television, radio, print or other media, and any other TEFL Experiences presentations.

Student agrees that, in connection with such use, TEFL Experiences, and persons acting for or on behalf of TEFL Experiences, may identify Student and may identify Student’s first name, age, city and state/territory/other district or country of residence. Student releases, indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless TEFL Experiences, and persons acting for or on behalf of TEFL Experiences, from any liability for acts authorized under this section of this Terms And Conditions form. 


These TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive law of the State of Illinois, USA, applicable to agreements made and to be performed wholly therein, without regard to its provisions or rules concerning choice of laws or conflicts of laws. Any controversy or claim between the parties to this Agreement shall be resolved in arbitration in the place of arbitration shall be Cook County, Illinois (or at any other place or under any other form of arbitration mutually acceptable to the parties so involved). TEFL Experiences is not responsible for any legal fees if Student should choose to pursue legal action.

The arbitrator shall apply the substantive law of the State of Illinois, USA, as set forth above, and any award rendered shall be final and conclusive upon the parties and a judgment thereon may be entered in any court, state or federal, having jurisdiction. Except as set forth below, the expenses of the arbitration shall be borne equally by the parties of the arbitration, provided that each party shall pay for and bear the cost of its own experts and evidence. 

Should TEFL Experiences Prevail in an Arbitration or lawsuit notwithstanding anything above to the contrary, in the event of an arbitration hearing and/or lawsuit brought forth against TEFL Experiences by the Student (claimant) and one in which TEFL Experiences prevails the Student (claimant) agrees to pay TEFL Experiences its litigation cost(s) of any and all fees for court costs, arbitration fees, reasonable attorney fees, including any and all expert fees utilized by TEFL Experiences during the adjudication of this claim either through the courts, arbitration, or by its attorney(s). 


In the event that TEFL Experiences ceases its operations due to natural or man made disasters beyond its control or bankruptcy the Student agrees this contract is null & void. 

It is very important that Student understands the refund and cancellation policy. If it is not clear, Student should ask for clarification. TEFL Experiences cannot make exceptions to this policy for any reason, including medical emergencies.

If Student is younger than 18 years of age, the TERMS AND CONDITIONS must be signed by the parents or legal guardian of Student.  In such case, all references to Student shall include his or her parents or guardian.