Africa and the Middle East

Typically, teaching positions are on a volunteer basis in Africa.  So if you’re serious about teaching English abroad in Africa it is best to take our course in Alexandria, Egypt and apply for teaching positions in large cities in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana.  Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt have shown to be great options for English teachers as well.  The staff is dedicated to your success and our alumni report many wonderful things about the assistance and hospitality extended to all TEFL teachers-in-training.  This is also a great location to use as a network-establishing experience before heading out to teach English in the Middle East.  Many of our alumni have used the lessons learned and support provided from the administration in Alexandria to gain employment in Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Oman, and Qatar.

We provide both the traditional 40week, 120 hour TEFL Certification course at our Course Center in Alexandria as well as an 8-week Arabic Cultural Immersion plus TEFL Certification course.  This course provides the complete experience needed to optimally prepare yourself for a career as an international English teacher in Egypt, Africa, or any Middle Eastern country.

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