Teaching English in Cambodia


English Teaching Requirements in Cambodia


  • Education: BA/BS is required; TEFL TESOL Certification is required and students can obtain certification at any of our Onsite TEFL Courses or by taking the Online TEFL Course.  
  • Typical hiring process: Face to face interview in Cambodia 
  • Average teaching hours per week: 20–25 hours of classroom plus extra prep time
  • Types of students: Business professionals, children in public schools and private language schools
  • Cost of living per month: 450-600 USD
  • Average monthly pay: 450-600 USD
  • Start-up cost: 700-900 USD
  • Potential to save or break even: Break Even
  • Accommodation/housing benefits paid: No, recommendations provided
  • Flight reimbursement: No


Interesting Facts About Life in Cambodia


  • There are 60,000 monks in Cambodia, yet only 20 registered psychiatrists
  • Cambodia was under French control from 1863 until 1953
  • It is considered rude to point feet, particularly the soles, towards a person or things- tuck them away when sitting on the floor or on a chair.
  • 50 per cent of the population is under age 15


Living in Cambodia Teaching English


The capital city of Phnom Pehn is captivating in it’s contradictions- it pulses with a newfound sense of vitality, offering tourists a taste of exotic charm both day and night. Browse the city markets for bargain prices on fashion-forward clothing designs, delicious street food, or old-world antiques. The country is changing rapidly, and as an English teacher in Cambodia, now is your opportunity to be a part of the adventure.


The Cambodian people possess an unbreakable spirit and a remarkably infectious sense of optimism- after prevailing through years of hardship, a return to peace has sparked an influx in tourism during the past decade. Cambodia's south coast is fringed with beautiful islands that are worth exploring, and its pristine environment provides a gorgeous backdrop for outdoor exploration. The Cambodian landscape is one of fertile plains, rice paddies, impressive waterfalls, and shining crater lakes. Plan a day trip to the ancient temple city of Angkor Wat, or one of the Buddhist pagodas and museums throughout Cambodia.

Recent economic growth, a young population, and a hunger for education have made Cambodia a burgeoning job market in South East Asia for English teachers. Instructors can find jobs year round in Cambodia. While many interviews are in-person, some are conducted in advance over the phone and via e-mail. Instructors are responsible for airfare and housing expenses. Most live in apartments recently vacated by previous teachers, and many room with coworkers. 

A generous salary and low cost of living afford English teachers a comfortable lifestyle. Schools typically offer 20 to 25 hours of work per week, leaving plenty of time to travel and explore. English teachers do not need a bachelor’s degree to teach in Cambodia, but a TEFL certification is required. The major city for English teaching jobs is Phnom Penh.


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