Online TEFL Testimonials

You can read about the first-hand experience that our Online TEFL Alumni have written for you:
Many of your peers have received their TEFL certifications online and have continued on to their new international careers well prepared.  We believe in the effectiveness of the program, but don't take our word for it, read what the Alumni say:
Name:  Barbara
City:  Monroe, NC
Age: 50

“The course maintained a regular schedule in assignments, quizzes and overall workload, and for busy people that is essential. The support staff is always prompt and polite when I call in."


Name:  Brooke
City: Heyburn, ID
Age:  30
“I would highly recommend this program to others.  My advisor was very helpful in the beginning stages. Any time I asked questions of the student affairs department I always received prompt, helpful responses.”

“Our instructor had so much expertise to share on the subject matter, and she was very willing to share it. She made herself very available to help us.”

“When I contacted my instructor for job search guidance, she was very helpful. She has excellent resume and curriculum vitae development skills.”

“I have a job lined up in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. I found a small language school with an immediate job opening, and I will start teaching there on April 4th if all goes as planned.”


Name:  Anita
City:  Appleton, WI
Age:  24
“The course content was well designed and covered all aspects of ESOL.  My instructor promptly responded to my queries and immediately provided feedback on my assignments. It is the assignments, quizzes and the instructor feedback on assignments that guides learning for a student in an online course- and I can say that I would like her to be my instructor again.”


Name:  Alicia C
City:  North Kingstown, RI
Age:  21
“My instructor was a great teacher and answered all my questions immediately.  She even spoke to me about my interest teaching in the Middle East, which helped pique my interest in going there even more."

“I found this course to be organized and well-thought out. I knew exactly what I needed to do every week, which was very assuring.”

“I enjoyed the way our instructor graded and responded to my questions, posts, and assignments. She wad involved and very positive- something that is invaluable in a teacher.”

"I plan on going to teach in Doha, Qatar in May 2011.  I will be traveling there then and I hope to get a job teaching English."


Name:  Andrew M
City:  Vista, CA
Age:  41
“When I started this course, I had no idea what was expected and required of an ESL teacher. Now I feel confident that I can effectively teach abroad. I feel that the combination of learning the material and then observing a live class creates a great combination of seeing how the ideas are put into action.  The course content was appropriate and thorough."

“I had a few questions throughout about the course material and teaching abroad in general. My instructor always had excellent answers and knew how to guide me to the resources that were available.  She always replied the same day I asked any question.”


Name: Liz J
Country: England
Age: 54
“I had never done an online course before, and I liked the flexibility of being able to work according to my own timetable within the timetable required for submitting assignments.”
Name: Wayne H
City:  Cheektowaga, NY
Age:  54
I feel very prepared to begin my journey as a new instructor. I'm excited about it and I feel that this course provided this opportunity for me.  I plan on living and teaching overseas in Japan."


Name:  Jamie W
City:  Fort Collins, CO
Age:  23
“I enjoyed the structure and organization of the class. It was well organized and easy to follow. My instructor and classmates helped create a positive environment for learning."

“My instructor was extremely knowledgeable in the field!”

“I found the information in the Job Search Guidance Manual very helpful in my overseas job search.”

“It was a great experience. I'm excited to get out there and teach!”

Name:  Natalie N
City:  Astoria, NY
Age:  28
“I went with the Online TEFL Certification Course because of the prompt follow up from the admissions adviser and the personal attention I received regarding all the questions I had.  I also really appreciated that my adviser called me to follow up on my inquiry, instead of following up through email. It made the experience more personable.”

My instructor is very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He provides excellent resources and examples that will help me in the future. I also appreciate that he shares his teaching experiences.”

“The course content is very efficient and because of this, I feel like I will be prepared to being my career abroad very soon!”


Name:  Sarah M
City:  Ripon, United Kingdom
Age:  22

The price to get TEFL certified online is very appealing and the TEFL Certification is accredited.

"David is a great instructor. He’s very good through his additional links, teaching page, blogs etc. It appears his work is all over the internet which makes me trust his expertise.”

Name: Amanda C
City: Frankfort, IL
Age:  23

“I've been looking into going overseas for a long time. When I came across the online TEFL program, it looked very interesting and helpful. My advisor also gave me some great information which definitely helped with making my final decision.”

I’m extremely happy with my instructor! He provides great feedback which definitely has helped with assignments.

Name:  Becky B
City:  Chicago, IL
Age:  30
“I wanted to start my experience of living abroad as soon as possible! I chose to get my TEFL certificate online because I could start right away, very reasonable price and the class length.”

My advisor was very helpful in my registration process and help with the info I desired. My advisor was very quick to respond and easy to talk to. She really made me feel at ease during the registration process.”

“My instructor was very timely in responding to my questions and encouraging when grading.”

Name: Nathaniel T
City: Lockport, NY
Age:  23

“It is because of my conversations with my advisor that I felt comfortable with my decision to begin the online course.”

“Todd Campbell has been a very good professor. He has done everything in his power to answer questions in a timely manner and has made a great effort to encourage communication between participants."

“Todd did a good job answering any questions that arose and provided feedback in a timely manner. He did an outstanding job of creating an environment where I felt safe to ask questions and express my opinion. I plan on going to teach in South Korea right after the course ends."


Name:  Alicia T
City:  Charlotte, NC
Age:  24
My desire to teach overseas has turned into a dream come true after taking an online TEFL course. I am prepared to teach English to students in Asia!

“My advisor was more than I could've asked for. There wasn't a thing I would change! He was candid with me in telling me pros and cons of my potential countries, he answered every question I had eloquently, and was very helpful in discussing my hesitations.”

“My instructor, Todd, has been very gracious in his teaching methods as well as his interaction with me personally. As much as any instructor can learn about their students in an online course, I feel that Todd really takes the time to get to know me and is interested in my overall achievement.”

“This has been a great experience for me, well worth the money and I am so excited to begin this journey!”