New York City, USA

We now offer a world renowned TEFL certificate course in New York, USA. It seems you can’t turn on the radio or television, or open a newspaper or magazine without finding some reference to the “Big Apple." It is only fitting that the city that served as the gateway to a new and better life for so many people of lands and cultures around the world, now serves as the hub for our US-based TESOL certification training. You too can carry on the tradition of providing hope to many for a better future by earning your TEFL Certificate in this great city, teaching English to those who seek all of its many opportunities.

New York is a city with endless activities and sites to see. Popular destinations include the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, Broadway shows, Museums, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. With residents and visitors from around the world, there is no city in the world that mixes as many cultures, languages, and traditions as New York. Also known as the ‘City that never sleeps’, New York runs at full speed year-round and there is never shortage of activities or interesting people around.

Course Location

If you’re not familiar with New York’s geography, it is a city within a state by the

same name, residing on the Eastern coast of the United States. New York City is comprised of several islands; Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island’s western tip is home to the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. The fifth borough, the Bronx, is part of New York’s mainland. Wherever you go in New York, there are plenty of buses, taxis, subway lines and blocks of pavement for your feet to carry you to your destination.

The TEFL course center is located in midtown Manhattan just one block off of the famous Fifth Avenue. The center is easily accessible from the air port, train station, bus station, and subway. While we are in the heart of what New York is famous for (Broadway, Time square, Central Park, and of course shopping) the school

holds spacious and modern, temperature-controlled classrooms with resource materials that are conducive to the learning process while located in a historic and beautiful building.

Course Fees

The course fee is $1790 (not including accommodation). Single accommodations begin at $500.

* Please note: Unless noted otherwise, all prices are listed in US Dollar amounts. For an estimate of these amounts in your local currency, please Click Here.


Single or double rooms are available in a range of rates to meet your satisfaction. Generally speaking, the closer to the excitement of the city, the higher the rates will be. No matter which accommodation you choose, you will be within easy reach of restaurants, bars and entertainment. Basic modern conveniences such as TV, air conditioning, room service, etc. are featured throughout.

Please be assured that any special requests or requirements regarding housing will be taken into account and TEFL Experiences will make every effort to accommodate such requests.

Please inquire within should you have any questions.

Course Dates

  • 29 July – 23 August 13
  • 2 September – 27 September 13
  • 30 September – 25 October 13
  • 28 October – 22 November 13
  • 6 January – 31 January 14
  • 3 February – 28 February 14
  • 3 March – 28 March 14
  • 31 March – 25 April 14
  • 5 May – 30 May 14
  • 2 June – 27 June 14
  • 30 June – 25 July 14
  • 28 July – 22 August 14
  • 1 September – 26 September 14
  • 29 September – 24 October 14
  • 27 October – 21 November 14
  • 24 November – 19 December 14